Fun Fact … Did you know that Mandi has been nominated for the Positive Dog Training Excellence award ?? If you would like to know how you can vote to support her and ALL DOGS by voting, please message Mandi or give her a call.

I was in serious need of help with my jack in Russell and the enjoyment of walks with my “Bud” was turning into a chore. Mandi came and spent 20 minutes with us and showed me how a couple things to get us started. By the end of the walk we had some progress. Later that night I opted to see how another walk would go, this time with no Mandi. We started out and remembering what Mandi had told us, our walk was another successful one. I cannot thank Mandi enough for her love of “All Dogs” for setting me up to enjoy many more walks with my boy. Totally recommend All Dogs. Mandi’s love for dogs and animals is shown in her training talents. Lisa Nelles

All Dogs Training Academy will teach you how to achieve focus, loose leash, stays & waits, how to control jumping, and so much more. We often add in and change course depending on our class. No dog left behind at All Dogs. Shannon Wilson

Mandi is absolutely fantastic with both my dogs! I have one dog in her weekly walk n trains for some basic obedience training (3.5 years later…) and my second dog in private lessons to help work through his anxiety issues. She approaches each dog differently depending on the dog, and you’ll see results almost immediately. They may be small, but they’re there!! If you’re hesitant to jump into private lessons then just do a walk n train to get your toes wet. You won’t regret it 🙂 …….Jenn Dobrint

Mandy is so friendly, patient and knowledgeable when it comes to dogs. When I brought home my dog Bentley he was a wild child with zero manners or boundaries. All Dogs gave us the tools to manage his energy and turn him into a polite pup. I highly recommend!! Natalie Ann

all dogs is awesome!! glad to see Welland has a great trainer to guide owners and dogs locally! Sara Costiv

amazing with dogs. very in tune to what a dog needs. Lisa Hamilton

So far amazing!! These ladies made me much more confident in my pooch’s abilities. They are teaching her manners and making it easier for her to be social. Colleen Anne